2015 International “Anti-Sweat Technology” Week
Taiwanese enterprises are investing all over the world. However, malpractices on their workers' human rights and environmental pollutions have been frequently reported for the last few years. For example, SinoPac Holdings shut down Korean Hiydis’s factories and Foxconn's 12 Chinese workers suicided. Thus, it becomes necessary for the Taiwanese society to demythologise their "glory".
A joint event “2015 International Anti-sweat technology week” is going to be held by both Taiwanese and Hong Kong labour NGOs. There will be talks, press conference and protests in order to let the general public to understand how these Taiwanese multinational corporations exploit their workers under the global supply chain.
Events are as follows:
a) 6/22 (Mon) 19:00, Venue: National Chengchi University, Common Room 201. "Global Sweatshops of Taiwanese Multinational Corporations: From the shutdown of Hydis Plant in Korea to Foxconn's Leukaemia cases" Speakers: Redundant Hydis workers, Labour Action China (LAC) and Lam Shenjing (pending). 
b) 6/24 (Wed) 09:30, Venue: Taiwan Labour Front office. “Press Conference” Participants: Monitoring On Sweatshop Supply Chain, SACOM, LAC, Taiwan Labour Front, National Federation of Independent Trade Unions (NAFITU), Taiwan Occupational Injury Association, Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Link, Professor Wong Hongren and researcher Lam Zonghong.
c) 6/25 (Thu) 09:00, Vvenue: Foxconn Headquarters in Tucheng. “Protest” Participants: Monitoring On Sweatshop Supply Chain, NAFITU, SACOM, LAC, TLF and other parties. 
d) 6/26 (Fri) 19:00, Venue: National Taiwan Normal University. “Labour Cultural Talk: Livings of Foxconn Workers" Speakers: TBC