Campaign update
   More than 3,000, on average, were hurt at work everyday. But it is sure that more victims have not been counted in. The difficulties are not limited to the legal practices to defend their rights, but also physical pain as well as mental sufferings and loneliness. Although the study cannot bring us a comprehensive picture about the mental status of occupational injury victims, the data collected can serve as a reference for understanding the mental status of occupational injury victims.   
Labour Action China and a group of Hong Kong-based labour rights organizations and trade unions staged a protest at the Royal Consulate-General of Cambodia today against the Cambodian government for its violent suppression of the recent lawful strike of garment, textile and footwear workers demanding for an increase of minimum wage. The representative from the Cambodian Consulate received the petition letter, but there has been no response on its violent suppression on the trade unions and workers in Cambodia.
In recent years, the number of occupational disease victims in China has risen exponentially. In 2010, new cases surged by percent which equates to a new diagnosis every 10 minutes.


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