Calling for International Solidarity to Support Hong Kong’s General Strike

We support the call for a general strike by Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions and Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, in response to the use of violence by Hong Kong Police.

We are, also, grievously condemned the unnecessary use of tear gas, pepper sprays and batons against the unarmed and peaceful civilians who have been gathered outside the Central Government Offices in the last couple of days.  The Police admitted they fired 87 shots of tear gas.

This democratic action is the extension of last week’s student boycott after the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress placed tough restrictions to the possible reform for the Chief Exective election in 2017.

We agree that all Hong Kong workers must unite together to defend our fragile democracy and human rights, which are promised in the Basic Law.  Labour rights is human rights.  It cannot be completely realised without a genuine democracy.

As such, we hope other labour organisations across the world can extend their support and show their solidarity.